01. She forgot her purse on a park bench, and when she went back to [retrieve] it, someone had taken it.
02. The workmen had to return to [retrieve] some equipment they had left behind.
03. I hope I am able to [retrieve] the documents I lost when my computer crashed.
04. The [retrieval] system in this new computer is incredibly fast, and can deal with huge amounts of data.
05. The Americans have sent the space shuttle into orbit in an effort to [retrieve] a damaged satellite.
06. You can organize and [retrieve] files more efficiently with this new program.
07. The old man went into the remains of his burnt house to [retrieve] any belongings that were not damaged.
08. The dog went out into the water to [retrieve] the stick his master had thrown.
09. Goethe once said that man supposes that he directs his life, and governs his actions, when his existence is [irretrievably] under the control of destiny.
10. A rocket has been sent up to [retrieve] a satellite that is malfunctioning.
11. The hunter had trained his dog to [retrieve] the birds that he shot.
12. My new computer can [retrieve] information in a matter of microseconds.
13. He left for work but then rushed back home to [retrieve] his briefcase.
14. Many companies use computers to store and [retrieve] data on their clients.
15. One's interactions with the world necessitate the [retrieval] of information relating to the immediate and distant past.
16. Research into language learning has shown that students learn new vocabulary more quickly by doing exercises which require them to repeatedly [retrieve] a word and its meaning.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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